How to Use Dutch Ovens

If you’re a true food lover and keeps on experimenting with your cooking items and style then you know what Dutch ovens are all about. Basically, Dutch ovens are nothing but a heavy-duty pot that comes with a lid, traditionally made from steel or cast iron. Due to the presence of lip, you can easily stack up coal on the top part of the lid. You can use the same much like any other piece of kitchen equipment cooking inside on your stove in our oven.

Cooking With Your Dutch oven

Bake with your Dutch oven

If you’re a bakery lover then you’re in for a treat. As you can cook deliciously yummy tasting pieces of bread, pizzas, cakes and other desserts in your oven by placing hot coals on the top of the lid and cover the oven with food. You need to place more coals in the oven for the baking process. It is necessary if you want to save your food from burning.

Boil water or food in your Dutch oven

Place all the hot coals under your oven if you’re trying to heat water or liquid a stew for that matter. This will easily heat the room from the bottom of the pot. One must place all the coals underneath the oven if you’d like to use it for frying food. Whereas you can also use the lid when getting your food or water to a boil, you shouldn’t put coals on top of the lid.

Use the lid as a griddle or skillet

If time is a constraint for you then this could be for you. If you’re someone who wants to fry up breakfast in no time then Dutch ovens might sound like good news. It helps you cook food in no time without getting burned. You can easily cook or fry kinds of bacon, eggs, pancakes, or sausages.

Generally, most Dutch oven lids are somewhat low with a dip in the mid so they can hold any sort of food items.

Try bean hole cooking with Dutch Ovens

All you need is to dig a hole for about 3 feet deep and line it with few rocks. The idea is to build a fire around the pot. The heat generated from the wood should heat the stones so that you can lower your Dutch oven into the hole and cook the food.

The next part is to cover the lid of the oven with coals and scoop dirt over the whole. This will very easily trap the heat. For best results, you need to leave the oven overnight for to get you the delicious meal in the morning.

Bear in mind that it will take several hours to get the rocks in the hole hot enough before you can lower the bean pot down. It is always a good idea to parboil your bean beforehand an hour and then soak them in water overnight before you begin using to cook it.

Use your Dutch oven for roasting

Dutch ovens are known for maintaining heat and here’s why they are considered ideal for roasting large chunks of meat. To use the oven for cooking for roasting you need to heat your conventional oven to about 350 F on the stovetop and wait till meat turns into brown to a g richer taste. Now add liquid and any vegetables you prefer to your oven. Cover it and place the same in preheated Dutch oven. Bake your roast for an hour or two to get the best results. And, if the bone is there then cook the food for more than two hours.

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